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Chuck E. Cheese Celebration


Honey had to spend a couple of days in Nashville for work and it’s always a treat to have a guest! Will loves when people spend the night in his room – but watch out because he will crawl into bed with you :)

Papa sent some money to take the boys to Chuck E. Cheese – and we thought it would be a great way to celebrate Will’s first day of preschool. So after a fun day at preschool and a good long nap we headed out to play and eat pizza.

The Bob the Builder ride was a popular choice. I think Will rode it at least 6 times in a row.

Bill and Will riding the horse that you have to “guide” through the race course.

Thomas & Honey.

Bill & Will driving the race car.

This was Thomas’ first trip to Chuck E. Cheese and he loved all the bright lights!

At one point we looked over and found the boys in the crazy simulator contraption.

Thomas sat on the Merry Go Round like he knew just what to do.

When we were eating a teenage boy that worked there was cleaning/fixing a table near us and we were watching him. He looked over and said something and I said that we were just sitting there wishing that he would go and put on the Chuck E. Cheese because it would make a 2 year old really happy. A few minutes later – out came the mouse!!

Chuck E. Cheese had a sign that said “Follow Me for Free Tickets” and Will was at the front of the line.

All the kids had to do a dance and then they threw tickets out for the kids to gather up.

Thank you Papa & Honey for a fun night at Chuck E. Cheese

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4 Responses to “Chuck E. Cheese Celebration”

  1. Mimi says:

    Too bad Papa wasn’t there too. Looks like every0ne had a good time at Chuck E Cheese——mouse and all.

  2. Grandmama says:

    How cute! Don’t you love these family fun
    times? I know Julie loved having that time
    with you: Thomas and Will seem to be growing so much.

  3. Nonny says:

    Looks like Lots of fun for everyone!

  4. Honey says:

    I suggest to anyone thinking about having a party at chuck e cheese to book it on a Tuesday night at 8:00!!