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Will’s Big Boy Bed

This week we converted Will’s crib into a toddler bed. I wasn’t all gung-ho about the idea but Bill thought it was time. I mean, Will is almost 3 years old! (And we are secretly hoping that he will soon be able to use the potty by himself in the middle of the night!)

Last picture of Will in his crib.

(Almost) everyone was super excited about the big boy bed!

Will was super duper excited.

Bill was plaid giddy.

Thomas thought the whole ordeal was quite entertaining.

Me? Not so much, I could have cried.

It took a few minutes for Bill to do the converting, so Will climbed his “mountain” and played with brother.

As soon as the big boy bed was ready Will jumped in with his pillow and blanket.

Then, he wanted Bill, Thomas and all his animals to play in his “new” bed with him. (This is now one of his favorite places to play.)

Will is very proud that he can get in and out of bed all by himself now. And he has done surprisingly well staying in bed all night – naps are a bit harder but he at least has some alone time in his room.


How old were your kids when you took them out of a crib? Did your kids climb out of their crib? (Will never did.) What size bed did you put them in? Toddler? Twin? Queen?

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6 Responses to “Will’s Big Boy Bed”

  1. Mimi says:

    Yes, it’s always the Mommy who is sad when her children grow up. Boo Hoo

  2. Honey says:

    You were three and you moved straight from a crib to a queen-sized bed with peach- ruffled comforter and full canopy! It was a jewel of a room for one so small!

  3. Erin says:

    We converted Kate’s bed on her second birthday. I can’t remember our reasoning since she never tried to climb out, but she was always really good about staying in bed. She got a toddler bed first and now she has a queen!

  4. Tiffany says:

    Rory can already get in and out of her crib. (sigh) I think we are going to get her toddler bed back out for her 2nd birthday! (or maybe not… ha!)

  5. Desiree Sholes says:

    James was almost 2 when we put him a toddler bed and just a couple months from being 3 when we put him in a twin size bed. He never climbed out of the crib and rarely gets out of the bed without calling for me to give him permission :)
    Chances are this will not happen twice, right?

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