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Look at How Messy He Are

“Look at how messy he are!” These words come out of Will’s mouth every time Thomas eats – several times a day. And usually said while Will has who know what rimming his lips. Thomas, not unlike his mother, loves to eat! There has not been 1 thing that he has turned his nose up to or refused to eat. He eats all kinds of food including: applesauce, peaches, bananas, pears, peas, squash & green beans. Tonight he had blueberry applesauce and it was a big hit. And look at how pretty and purple it is :) I have some broccoli waiting for him to try in a couple of days.

Thomas loves eating food so much though that he has decided that he doesn’t like to drink his milk. I am trying to find the balance between when and how much food he gets so that he will still take his bottles well. Because his mother might go insane-o if he doesn’t start sleeping through the night soon. He’s done it a couple of times so I know he can do it! I think he doesn’t like to be alone. Seriously. The boy does not like to be alone for 1 second and he prefers to be snuggled up right next to your smelly armpit if possible. (What? Your armpits don’t smell?) Anyways, we’re working on sleeping, eating & drinking. But he pretty much has the eating part down.

Can you tell he thoroughly enjoys food? So, what kind of eating schedule did you/do you use for your 6 month old? How much food did they eat in a day? I make (most) of Thomas’ food but he probably eats between 3-4 of the “stage 1” size Gerber containers a day. He would eat more (he cries when the food’s gone) but again he doesn’t drink his milk if he eats more food.

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4 Responses to “Look at How Messy He Are”

  1. Karen says:

    Well, I can’t help you on the food issue seeing as how all my “kids” were puppy chow babies! But I wanted to tell you I think the second photo of Thomas is absolutely adorable!!! I can just see you showing it to his date in 16 or 17 years!

  2. Erin B. says:

    I have no words of wisdom for you because I am trying to figure the same thing out for Karis. I feel like I’ve completely forgotten everything I did when Kate was this age. (I mean, that was 5 whole years ago!) So when you get this figured out, can you let me know? :)

  3. Grandmama says:

    Absolutely the cutest thing ever:
    Love pictures of “natural settings” and just how
    a baby looks in everyday action! Have you tried feeding only one food then his bottle? then another session of food? Might work! Also loved Will eating his lunch with Thomas!
    Hope the sleep pattern will soon become a full night for all of you.

  4. Mimi says:

    He may be messy but he’s so precious. I’ll bet he would love ribs at Steves.