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The Missional Mom by Helen Lee

My mom gave me this book to read because she thought I would enjoy it. And indeed, I did enjoy it but it was a challenging read! It was one of those books that spurs you to evaluate yourself and make some changes. I would recommend it for any mom.

Each chapter focuses on one topic or thing that a missional mom does or does not do. A few examples: A Missional Mom Resists Cultural Pressures, A Missional Mom Engages in the Needs of the World, A Missional Mom Doesn’t “Do Evangelism”. Each chapter also includes examples of how real moms are doing each of these things, questions to ask yourself, and action steps.

One thing I liked about her examples (most of them) is that she purposefully did not say if the mom had a job outside the home. To the author, it didn’t matter because all mom’s all called to live missionally. There are not many “mom” books, blogs, resources that are not biased towards stay at home or work outside the home but this book wasn’t at all (to me).

I read this at the beach and I wish I had had a highlighter with me – I may need to read it again!

Some highlights:

  • Many mom’s “buy the lie” that being a mother is their highest calling. Before you get mad – a noble and important calling for sure but not the highest. A Christian mom’s highest calling is just like any other Christian’s: to know God/be with God/”immerse ourselves in His immeasurable love and grace”
  • Missional moms create missional families, churches and communities. If you are intentional with ministering to others (even if it’s a challenge for you because it’s something new) it will affect your children and be their norm.
  • Missional moms combat against consumerism and materialism.
  • Missional moms all have callings – these may be jobs that pay, volunteer “jobs”, etc.
  • Work-Life Balance: You don’t have to achieve a work-life balance every 24 hours. There will be seasons (years) when a mom’s focus will be heavily on her family (for example, when you have very young children) and then there will be seasons (years) when a mom has more time to focus on others. The author encourages the goal of achieving a work-life balance over your lifetime. A great challenge!

I feel like there is so much more to say but I’ll just let you read the book for yourself! And in fact, I am going to start re-reading it tonight!


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2 Responses to “The Missional Mom by Helen Lee”

  1. Helen Lee says:

    Amber, I’m honored that you both read the book and found it helpful! Thank you for this encouraging review, and I hope you enjoy it again if you re-read it. Blessings to you and yours!

  2. Honey says:

    Awesome that the author commented on your review. When I heard Helen lee on the radio, I knew I had to get her book for you. Continue to serve others and build legacy of service for your boys.