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Lazy, Lazy

Remember my list of things I wanted to accomplish while Will was at Camp Honey? Want to take a guess if I accomplished all of it? Ha! Of course not – I was lazy, lazy lazy! And it felt so good. Things I did accomplish: exercise, 2009 Disneyworld scrapbook, and organize “workroom”. Not too shabby, I say. I got some pictures of Thomas just laying around. He is really into reaching out and holding his toys these days. Thomas also had his 5 month well baby check up. He was 15.6 lbs (50%) and 27 inches (90%).

I think I caught him by surprise :)

Yum! This finger tastes good.

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3 Responses to “Lazy, Lazy”

  1. Honey says:

    What a beautiful baby!!!!!

  2. Grandmama says:

    He is so adorable! Getting big so quick: You have a beautiful little family!! We are so proud of all our “GREATS”!!

  3. Mimi says: