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Welcome Spring

The past week or so we have had beautiful weather! Some days it was plain hot. One day last week when it was 90 we got out the slip n slide. Will was so excited to be in his bathing suit!

Putting his feet in the water. He didn’t get brave enough to run through and really get soaked!


We did this after running a few errands and Thomas was fast asleep in his car seat. And I am not going to wake a sleeping baby! Check out his sandals :)

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2 Responses to “Welcome Spring”

  1. Grand Mama says:

    Will does love having fun: He’s so cute.
    Thomas is resting like I wish I could do. Looks as if he’s
    growing so fast. Thanks for doing such a good job “posting” the news and pictures for us to enjoy.

  2. mimi says: