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Getting Big

Thomas is growing up into quite the baby! He is smiling, cooing, and laughing and it is so much fun. I think we are officially emerging from the 3 month “fog” as I like to call it. He laughed for the first time Wednesday night when we were changing him into his pajamas. And he did it again last night – it must tickle to have his onesie pulled off or maybe he just likes being naked like his brother!

Thomas is working hard at holding up his head. He doesn’t seem to mind laying on his stomach but he has absolutely no interest in trying to raise his head. He gets all red and mad when he tries. It’s quite the ordeal!

Here’s a little progress! When he’s sitting up or on my hip his neck is very strong and he is able to hold his head pretty steady. Silly boy. He is almost so close to turning over. A week or so more and he’ll be flipping.

Thomas has become interested in the things around him and has reached up to touch them a time or two. He is very easy going and only cries if he’s hungry or Will has stepped on him (I kid, kind of)! At church and the gym nursery they say that he is so relaxed and easy to take care of. I am so glad! Sunday night was his first night to sleep in his nursery. It had come to the point where he was waking me up with his grunting when he was just settling and not really needing anything. He has been doing a really good job sleeping upstairs! He goes down about 8 and eats between 8-10 and then sleeps until 2 or 3 and eats again. Then he sleeps until about 7, wakes up and comes downstairs for snuggles until Will wakes up at 8. I hope I don’t jinx his good sleeping by mentioning it!

In other news, I pulled out the cloth diapers this morning. I didn’t get them until Will was  6 months old but I figured the smallest setting would fit fatso Thomas just fine. And they do! Look at that sweet, fat, chunky leg. I can’t get enough of it!

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3 Responses to “Getting Big”

  1. Grand Mama says:

    I can’t believe what an adorable “big” fellow
    Thomas is getting to be so quickly. He is a little
    butterball which makes for good loving!! Kiss him for me and tell Will I send him a BIG HUG! Love to all my little family so far away.

  2. Honey says:

    He is so snugly! Again, I have to ask- why are rooks so cute on a baby but not on mr????

  3. Nonny says:

    What a cute little (big) fellow!! He looks like he is trying to scoot around. Love them both so much!