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Hello, Gorgeous (aka the kitchen reveal)

The kitchen is finished and it is absolutely gorgeous! We started March 9 and it took a good month (or more) to get it to this point. If you’re interested in reading about our process click here, here and here.

Here is one last “before” picture just for kicks. In a word, brown.

And our *new* kitchen……..

In a word, GORGEOUS.

What we did: painted cabinets, painted walls, installed tile back splash, and new light fixtures. And since we’re DIYers it all cost under $500! Winning. In an effort to avoid a snarky comment from Bill I should mention – I told Bill I had this great idea for a “weekend” project and I worked on it for about 1 weekend and then he worked on finishing it for weeks and weeks. He’s the greatest :)

We also updated the sink area by installing pullouts on the “fake” drawers under the sink. Perfect area to stash the bottle brush and sink plug.

The one decorated corner.

Another picture of the main kitchen area.

We also changed out the accessories in the “dining room”area. We use to have large fruit prints up and now we have some lovely white dishes.

A close up of the dish wall.

I am loving my *new* kitchen. I’m even inspired to keep it cleaner than I use to :) Of course, we are not completely finished! We want to add some “pops” of color, some DIY subway artwork, and “EAT” on one wall. And my goal is to sell our current dining room chairs and buy some new ones like these from West Elm (and I just noticed that the color scheme exactly matches our new kitchen!)

So, here is where we got our new stuff:

Cabinets: Rustoleum Cabinet Transformations in Pure White (no glaze)

Paint: Martha Stewart Cement Gray

Tile: American Olean (I think) Matte Gray 2X3

Pendant Light: Hampton Bay (Home Depot)

Track Lighting: Lowe’s or Home Depot


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22 Responses to “Hello, Gorgeous (aka the kitchen reveal)”

  1. Megan says:

    Love It! Great job :)

  2. AbbasGirl says:

    Y’all did a wonderful job! Enjoy your new kitchen!

  3. Tiffany says:

    Amber it looks amazing!! Y’all did such a great job! I am in love with that tile.. and well everything else! :)

  4. Amy says:

    It all looks fabulous! I agree with Tiffany, the tile is so pretty.

  5. Wow, your kitchen turned out great. What an amazing look! Great job and thank you for using Rust-Oleum Cabinet Transformations.

    – Rust-Oleum Scott

  6. Desiree says:

    Looks so good, Amber. I’m impressed- tell Bill he did a great job!

  7. Love your new kitchen!! I can’t wait until mine is done!!
    Thanks for sharing! I don’t see a follow button! I want to be your follower! lol

    • Amber says:

      Thanks! You can subscribe to my RSS by clicking the button at the very top of the page that looks like a half rainbow.

  8. ABSOLUTELY GORGEOUS!!! I’m putting your kitchen in the PoPP Spotlight. I hope to have my kitchen cabinets all cream’ified one day to.

  9. Comeca Jones says:

    I love the back splash! Very good job on the kitchen!

  10. Mimi says:

    Looks great, I’ll get to see in in person next week-end.

  11. Honey says:

    Super job! I can’t wait to see it in person!

  12. Karyn says:

    How many coats of the white did it take.

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  15. Tassie says:

    Do you know a paint color for trim that matches the rustoleum pure white?

  16. Andrea says:

    How has this held up? Any chipping? Thanks and what a beautiful transformation!!!

    • Amber says:

      Thank you! We only lived in this house for 9 months after we painted the cabinets so I’m not sure how they held up long term but they were great – no chipping, peeling and cleaned up easily while we were there.

  17. Kim says:

    Looks great!!! I want to paint my cranberry stained cabinets white. Did you spray, roll or apply with a brush?I’m worried about seeing brush strokes if I paint them with a brush. thank you!

    • Amber says:

      We painted them with a brush and didn’t have any issues with brush strokes on the cabinet doors or trim. If I did it again I would use a roller on the larger portions like the side of the bar.