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Spring Break 2011

Two weeks ago Will had “spring break” at CCC and it was at the same time as Hamilton County’s so we headed out on our 3rd annual Chattanooga/Atlanta vacation. We stayed 9 days – and it took me 9 days to recuperate!

The first weekend Will spent with Nonny and PawPaw. He had so much fun. The first thing he said to me when I went to pick him up was,”Daddy Bill got my nose!” And now at the park we have to swing him like “PawPaw and Daddy Bill does.”

We spent 3 days in Atlanta with Honey and Dana. It was a fun time with lots of shopping and some good eating at Maggiano’s. Funny story: We had to valet park at Maggiano’s because there weren’t any parking spaces and when we were ready to leave a huge private party (like 50 people) who had all valet parked were waiting to get their cars. Well, we didn’t want to wait FOREVER to get our car so I got Thomas in his carrier and took Will by the hand and politely wiggled our way to the front. Once at the front someone kindly said, let the lady with the kids go first. I knew these boys would come in handy some day :)

We spent one morning at the Atlanta Children’s Museum and Will had such a great time playing, playing, playing!

Grocery shopping was Will’s favorite part!

We built things and Will tore them down.

Will painted “rainbows and beanstalks” on the wall.

Will and Thomas played the drums in Timbuktu.

Thomas really got his money’s worth :)

And of course, we ended the trip at IKEA.

Eating breakfast in bed.

Acting silly with Didi.

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4 Responses to “Spring Break 2011”

  1. SYBIL says:

    What a wonderful opportunity for all of us to
    spend some days with family! Will and Thomas are just the greatest….These are wonderful memories you’ll cherish always.
    So happy for the chance to enjoy these precious children.
    Loved the parking part! Yea boys!!!!!

  2. Honey says:

    Same time next year!!!

  3. Mimi says:

    That’s about the sneakiest way to get your car out I’ve ever heard. You must take after your Mother. Ha

  4. Tiffany says:

    I can’t believe how big Thomas has gotten! He’s so cute! And I could have died over the pic with Will in that button up shirt with his hair spiked! He’s so handsome and looking way too old! Glad y’all had fun!