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Boy’s Best Friend

A few days ago, I let PepperAnn out the back door to do her business. I then went back into the bedroom to change a diaper and I saw Will slip out the back door. When I looked at what he was doing I had to grab the camera and capture the cuteness!

He was following PA all over the yard (and our neighbors yards) and when he would catch up with her say, “Come PepperAnn, come” and swat her on the rump. This is exactly what we do to her when she doesn’t come back to the house when we call her. Poor PA is coming to realize that she is #4 on the totem pole of power. (And in a couple of years will be #5!) Will takes such good care of his dog, though. His “chores” include giving her a bone every morning and filling her food bowl!

And he did all of this with his sunglasses on – crooked and upside down!

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2 Responses to “Boy’s Best Friend”

  1. SYBIL says:

    Cutest thing in the world! He’s so much fun and
    really quick to learn things! Poor PEPPER ANNE!!!

  2. Mimi says:

    I’ll bet Pepper Anne thinks “Who in the world invited all these little people into my domain?”
    From the looks of things, she’s gonna be learning a lot of new tricks. ha