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The Potty Dance

Last Thursday Will had an icky cough and runny nose so I kept him home from CCC. That morning it occurred to me that we would be home for 5 days in a row (which never happens) and it would be a great stretch of time to start potty training. Never mind we had already planned to paint our kitchen cabinets that weekend. We love a challenge.

So, Will put on his big boy underwear and I downloaded the “igo potty” app on my iphone. The app had a timer and every 30 minutes it would ring, tell Will it was time to try and potty and then play a song while he tried to go. Worked like a charm. He LOVED the “potty music.” He also loved getting stickers and Mommy dancing while singing, “Will pee-peed in the potty!”

The first day, Thursday, he had two accidents before nap time then we wore diapers the rest of the day. Friday he only had one accident all day long! Of course, he is still wearing a diaper during nap time and bedtime. Saturday was the true test as he went to the park with Papa and Didi and then out to eat. He didn’t use the potty while at the park but he did at lunch. Then at dinner he had to use the potty no less than 4 times! But he didn’t have any accidents :)

So proud of my little man! He will get the hang of this in no time.

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4 Responses to “The Potty Dance”

  1. Mimi says:

    Boys are usually harder to potty train then girls. I don’t know why. I use to get so aggravated with David & Georgie.
    You had a good idea and that was a great way for Will to learn. But then, he is a brilliant kid

  2. Sybil says:

    Oh what a BIG BOY you have! So proud of Will.
    He’s quick to catch on to things and this seems
    to be one of the great times for praise and singing!

  3. Honey says:

    He’s so smart!

  4. Katie Jones says:

    Okay so first of all, so excited for you guys to start this new big boy phase!

    And second of all, I got my very first iphone today so I will be downloading the igopotty app!