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I Would Know

When did my babies’ legs get so long they hang lower than the foot catch on the high chair?

When did my baby turn into such a big boy?

January 29th – that’s when!

It’s so crazy that Will is such a big boy compared to Thomas.

Will is constantly reminding us that he is a big boy and Thomas is a little boy.

But, even if he didn’t say it I would know.

I would know because he can carry on a conversation with me (or himself or big bear).

I would know because he can throw trash away, feed the dog and wipe up a spill.

I would know because he picks what shoes to wear and what “jammies” to wear (hence the plaid pants and sandals).

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5 Responses to “I Would Know”

  1. Sybil says:

    What a big boy he is now! He seems to be adjusting to being your “big” little man. Isn’t he just the sweetest!!

  2. Honey says:

    He is such a big boy…kind of sad! All he needs are a pair of socks to complete the picture!

  3. Shell says:

    They really do grow up so fast!

  4. Tiffany says:

    This is what I’m dreading the most… Rory is going to look HUGE when Ryder gets here. Makes me want to cry just thinking about it!

  5. Mimi says:

    Yep, a new baby will do it every time. They grow up tooooooo fast