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Kitchen Dreams

Back in August I posted a letter to my kitchen and this inspiration photo:

I still love the white cabinets, gray back splash & gray paint. Also, my kitchen dreaming may become a reality soon! So excited. The biggest part of transforming our kitchen is painting the cabinets. Honestly, neither Bill or I are too eager to spend hours cleaning, sanding, painting and sealing cabinets. But this past weekend I learned about this new product from Rust-Oleum called Cabinet Transformations that allows you to refinish your cabinets without sanding! If we use this I think it would take a weekend to do the cabinets instead of a month. Now to find gray subway tile that doesn’t cost an arm and a leg.

And since we’re dreaming:

I would love to have a faucet like this one.

Drawer pulls like this,

And drawer pulls to keep my cabinets uber organized.

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4 Responses to “Kitchen Dreams”

  1. honey says:

    Good luck with painting and organizing!!! I love you!

  2. Didi says:

    You might be able to find some look a likes at ikea?!

  3. SYBIL says:

    Really would be pretty: Let us hear if you do use the new product and how it works out for you. Bet our 31 year old cabinets would like a “make-over”…

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