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These Are A Few Of My Favorite Things

This past weekend was interesting to say the least. Thomas was really congested and it seemed like he was having a hard time breathing. He had a really hard time sleeping Saturday night and by Sunday afternoon he wasn’t sounding any better. So, we ended up taking him to Vandy to be checked out by a doctor. Since it was Sunday our doctor’s office was closed (they’re open Monday – Saturday!) and the Vandy walk-in clinic only sees babies once they areĀ  6 weeks old. He got his nose suctioned out and we have continued to do saline drops and suctioning. I am grateful to be able to say that he is now breathing much easier – and is able to sleep! This is a video of Thomas breathing this morning and he sounds so much better than he did yesterday. And please notice his ginormous checks :)

But instead of dwelling on the ick and pitifulness of a 3 week old with a virus – I thought I would share some of my favorite baby products.

Innobaby Five Tier Packin’ Smart Storage System

This has 5 small containers that all snap together and it is perfect for measuring out formula in advance either for night time or to take in the diaper bag. Best part? You don’t have to always use all 5 – you can take just as many as you need. Each container also has a removable pour spout so all the formula goes into the bottle. It’s also great for bringing along snacks for Will.

Bouncy Seat

Will loved the bouncy seat and so does Thomas. Thomas does some of his best sleeping in the bouncer and loves the vibration – we already need to put new batteries in it and Thomas is only 3 weeks old!

Swaddle Blanket

We got Thomas a swaddle blanket because we thought it would help him sleep better if his arms weren’t flying all over every time he was “startled.” But, he hated being wrapped up like a mummy. We still use and like the blanket we just wrap it around him under his arms and it keeps him very cozy at night.

What are some of your favorite baby products?

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5 Responses to “These Are A Few Of My Favorite Things”

  1. Didi says:

    Poor little guy! He sounds pitiful!! Hope you enjoyed your weekend other than the trip to the hospital!

  2. Desiree says:

    I had one of those formula things too, but it wasn’t exactly like that one. They are handy!
    With James we had a swing/bouncy seat thing (it was all in one, to save space) and it was a lifesaver. He napped in it and was very content to hang out in there instead of being held.
    I’m going to have to re-familiarize myself with baby products again!
    Glad Thomas is feeling better! We’ve had the crud around here too.

  3. Sybil says:

    I’m so glad Thomas is improving: Nothing worse than a sick baby: Hope he will soon be all well so MOM, DAD, and Will can begin to be a regular, busy little family. Our prayers are with all of you! LOVE ALL OF YOU: KISS THOSE CHUBBY LITTLE CHEEKS FOR HIS GRAND MAMA.

  4. Mimi says:

    My favorite baby thing is BABY MAJIC but you can’t find it anymore. I put it on all of beautiful grandchildren until they were nearly grown. ha Glad Thomas is better. Poor little guy

  5. honey says:

    Thomas looks and sounds like a little piggy! I am glad he is feeling better!