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VDay Craft

Will was suppose to celebrate Valentine’s Day at CCC last Thursday but school was canceled because of snow. Since Nonnie was here to help out I took an hour and made some “sock monkey” valentine’s for his friends. Now the little monkeys are ready to go for the party today!

The sock monkey image was the free download of the week on the Silhouette website and they posted this idea for the sucker – so I can’t take any creative credit. I’m just a copy cat :)

Pink and red monkeys for the girls.

Teal and orange monkeys for the boys.

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4 Responses to “VDay Craft”

  1. Karen says:

    I LOVE sock monkeys!! When I was small, my cousin got one of the monkeys for Christmas and I was so envious!! I always wanted one after that. Even if the idea was not an original, you did a great job and I’m sure the kids will love them!!

  2. honey says:

    Very cute! I saw another cute idea last week you might want to use in the future Someone had wrapped construction paper around a box of sweetheart candies. They had made copies of what looked like ipod controls-cut them out-glued them to the box. Then they attached thin gift wrapping ribbon and taped Hershey kisses at the ends to replicate earplugs. The kids loved them!

  3. Mimi says:

    Oh, you and your Mother are so clever. You should have been a teacher. Ha

  4. Sybil says:

    I love watching the cute ideas you use in all areas, Amber. You are very creative and that’s a fun trait to have as you raise those precious little boys!