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Happy Birthday Thomas!

Thomas Earl Dixon was born January 29, 2011 at 11:50 am. He weighed 8 lbs. 6 oz. and was 21 inches long. He is a very prompt little man – being born on his due date.

I woke up several times Saturday morning beginning about 4:30 and thought I might be having contractions.  I wasn’t sure – I thought that maybe I was imagining them since I wanted to go into labor so bad. But they were real! Will woke up about 7:30 am and we ate breakfast together on the couch and watched some cartoons. Around 8 I told Bill that I was having contractions pretty regularly and he made me start timing them – they were 4 to 5 minutes apart. Bill jumped up and took a shower, packed his hospital bag and loaded up the car. I put Will in the bathtub (Bill watched & washed him) and got in the shower – I didn’t want to go to the hospital with greasy hair :)

We dropped Will off at his friends Javen & Liam’s house and headed to the hospital. We got to the hospital at 9:50 and Thomas was born at 11:50. Once again I didn’t want Bill to call our families until we were admitted because I just knew it was false labor and once again I was wrong.

Will is a very proud big brother! He brought me some flowers at the hospital and he keeps calling himself a “big boy” now. Most of our family was able to come and see Thomas on the day he was born – he is a very loved little boy.

Will just wants to “touch his nose” all the time. It absolutely melts my heart when I am holding Thomas and Will crawls up beside me and says right in Thomas’ face, “What doin’ brother?” I. Die.

God has really shown me His faithfulness and attention to detail – even to things that in the grand scheme of life are small. At what I had hoped would be my last prenatal doctor’s appointment my doctor encouraged me to go ahead and schedule an induction for the next week. Being induced was something that I really did not want to do, my doctor knew and understood this, but she still thought it best not to go any longer. The induction was scheduled for Tuesday, February 1. I literally had everyone I know praying that I would go into labor over the weekend so I could avoid the induction. Prayer is powerful!! I went into labor less than 24 hours after my last prenatal appointment. Thank you Jesus! I have also been praying that the adjustment for Will would be smooth and not too traumatizing. So far, I couldn’t ask for it to be better. Of course he doesn’t understand why Mommy has to be with Thomas so much, why we didn’t all go to church together today, and is trying to stretch his boundaries but overall he is gentle with Thomas and isn’t throwing huge tantrums (yet).

I am loving my house full of boys! Of course, we’ve had lots of help these first weeks – ask again in a couple of weeks and I will probably be too tired to respond :)

Happy Birthday Thomas! We love you so much!

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7 Responses to “Happy Birthday Thomas!”

  1. Oh my word…I just love the little guy already!! And i love his cheeks :) I’m so thankful that everything went so well for you and I can’t wait to meet him!

  2. Andrea Metcalf says:

    I am coming over soon! I have a gift for sweet Thomas! I hope you are doing well and are getting some rest.

  3. Sybil Dixon says:

    We are so thankful for prayer! What a wonderful little boy we have to love: Happy to hear Will is being a good “Big Brother”. What a blessing GOD has given all of us. Hug both of our boys for Grand daddy Bill and me! Love you!

  4. Honey says:

    I love you all so much!

  5. AbbasGirl says:

    Congrats to all of you, and welcome to Thomas! Love the photos – what a beautiful family.

  6. Jan Benson says:

    Congratulations your family has been God Blessed once again.

  7. Mimi says:

    I’ve been checking to see if you had put up new pictures. precious, precious!!Just like his Big Brother. We love you ALL