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Chuck E. Cheese

We may (or may not) have gone to Chuck E. Cheese’s two times this past weekend!

Honey came up Friday and Saturday to play with Will (and give me a little break.) On our way to Sam’s Club on Saturday Honey and Will decided it would be fun to stop and play. Will’s a pretty cheap date since he doesn’t like to actually ride the moving things just sit on them. But he did like winning tickets and picking out prizes!

On Monday, my friend Melina called to see if we wanted to go and play at Chuck E. Cheese. Of course! Will loves playing with the boys she keeps. We spent several hours playing and eating pizza. One of the skee ball machines malfunctioned while Will and I were playing and we won the grand prize- 117 tickets! Will and his friend also played an intense game of air hockey.

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One Response to “Chuck E. Cheese”

  1. honey says:

    Will is sooo lucky–Of course, I mean blessed in many ways!!