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Teacher Gifts

Last week I was a really “bad” mom. It was one of Will’s CCC teachers birthday and I completely forgot. I might have been the only mom who didn’t bring a gift, flowers or something. I felt bad but I did have an idea for a gift. Next week is his other teacher’s birthday so one teacher is getting her gift a week late and the other is getting it a week early :)

I had seen this idea on several blogs and thought it would make a really cute birthday gift. I don’t have step-by-step pictures but it was super easy to put together. It’s a personalized post-it note holder – perfect for in the kitchen, lists, or beside the telephone.

Supplies Needed:

Clear, plastic 4X6 picture frame ($1 at Wal-Mart)

Post-It Notes (I got a 4 pack for $2 at Target)

Ribbon ($1 at Dollar Tree)

Scrapbook Paper

All you do is glue/stick the scrapbook paper in the frame where the picture would go. Then, tie a ribbon around the top to make it look pretty. I glued my ribbon to the back of the frame so it wouldn’t slip down. Glue/Tape the post-it note under the ribbon. Add embellishment. For Will’s teachers I added their names to a tag made out of scrapbook paper. Put it in a cute bag (or in my case a clear bag with a ribbon around the top) and you have a great gift!

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3 Responses to “Teacher Gifts”

  1. SYBIL says:

    You are just the most creative little thing!
    The notes are so cute and such a practical gift.
    Love them.

  2. AbbasGirl says:

    Wow, look how clever and crafty you are! Very impressive.

  3. honeyf says:

    Maybe I’ll do this for the secretaries!