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My Boys Are Growing

This week both Will and I had doctor’s appointments.

Today we had Will’s 2 year check up and he is getting to be a big boy. He weighs 29 pounds which puts him right above the 50th percentile. That is a huge deal for Will – he has consistently been at or below the 25th percentile for his weight. He is 34 1/2 inches tall (50th percentile) and his head circumference was in the 75th percentile but I have always thought he had a big head. (Don’t tell him that – it’s larger than the rest of his body but still the cutest head I’ve ever seen!) Will got 2 shots and I was worried how he would react since he hasn’t had a shot since he was 15 months old. He was funny – he screamed and cried until she put the band-aids on. When he saw the band-aids he immediately stopped crying and said “Sticker for boo-boo! Sticker boo-boo!”

Yesterday Thomas had his 28 week check up. His heartbeat was good and strong. My doctor was a little concerned about my weight gain but I’ve only gained 18 lbs. so I’m not really that concerned. I gained 35 lbs. with Will and didn’t gain any at all the last month. I start going to appointments every 2 weeks now – Thomas is going to be here so soon! His nursery bedding got delivered today and it is SO cute. I think we’re going to paint the boys rooms this weekend :)

This is a picture of the bedding we got for Thomas’ room:

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7 Responses to “My Boys Are Growing”

  1. AbbasGirl says:

    Brave boy, Will!

    I’m confused if the doctor thinks you are gaining too much or not enough . . . sounds right on track to me. :) I’m a month behind you and I think I’ve gained around 13 or 14.

    Love the new bedding for Thomas! Happy painting.

  2. Amber says:

    My doctor thinks I’ve gained too much in last 2 months (8&6) and I think she’s worried that I’ll gain that much the next couple of months especially because of the holidays and that would be too much weight.

  3. Sybil says:

    It is such good news knowing Will is doing great: He’s definitely one of the 2 cutest little fellows in the whole world!
    As for Thomas, I know his Mommy will be careful during the holidays. Eat some of everything you like but in small portions! You’ll be so busy that the exercise will help a lot. Don’t work too hard on the room: I really like the bedding.

  4. AbbasGirl says:

    Oh. I love Dr. E but I wouldn’t worry about it. You looked great after Will was born and I’m sure you will after Thomas, too! (with two little boys to keep up with, how could you not burn tons of calories?)

  5. Nonny says:

    WOW! Will really has grown. No wonder his birthday clothes didn’t fit. Glad you all are healthy. I think you look great!

  6. Taylor says:

    28 weeks! Woo Hoo! I love Thomas’ bedding and Happy Birthday to Will :)

  7. honey says:

    You look great. I love the bedding and can’t wait to see their “new” rooms!