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My Fantel

Last week a blog a read, Nesting Place, had a day where you could show off your fall mantel (or fantel).  Well my mantel has looked exactly the same since the day we moved in and I was inspired! I started dreaming of a mantel for every season :) At least I knew I wanted to change it up for the fall.

I thought about what I wanted and scoured the Pottery Barn catalog for ideas. I also looked at A LOT of decorating and craft blogs for thrifty ideas. Then I went window shopping – mostly at Micheal’s. Last I ran my ideas by Bill because we all know he is the decorating genius in this household! He kept me from making any catastrophic mistakes.

Really, I am not too good at following through on my ideas. I usually do something half way or settle for something less than what I had wanted.  Bill gave me the biggest compliment when he said, “You did a really great job – actually doing what you had envisioned!”

Are you ready for the big reveal?!?!

Ignore the lines on the mirror – I don’t know what caused that, the flash maybe? Notice I found the perfect place for my “Dollar Store” wreath!

The best part? I got everything (except the mirror) at Micheal’s. This weekend they had all of their fall decor 40% off and I had a coupon for an additional 20% off your entire purchase!

I also spruced up the leather chair for fall. I bought the tan corduroy pillow cover last year at West Elm for $6! I stuffed it with some old t-shirts :) And I picked up the orange pillow from Target last week.

I could look at my fantel all day, ya’ll! Do you do anything to decorate your house for fall?

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6 Responses to “My Fantel”

  1. honey says:

    Yes, I hang my bikini on a nail and wait for next summer!

  2. honey says:

    Being a “teacher”, I have a few things I have collected over the years that I set out each holiday but none as grand as yours!

  3. Pam says:

    Your mantle looks lovely, Amber! I feel inspired :-)

  4. Nonny says:

    I usually don’t decorate the inside of my house for fall but I love to spruce up the outside. I always put out pansies in the fall. They are great flowers to plant because they don’t require a great deal of attention and they usually last until June of the next year. This year I have decided to change the colors a bit. I bought a citrus mix (yellow, orange and white). I have been planting today and so far I think it looks pretty good. I also add some mums and I hang a decorative mini flag in one of my flower gardens. Happpy Fall!!

  5. Mimi says:

    I just set my stuff I’ve had a hundred years out every year till after thanksgiving. My kitchen looks best.
    Your “Fantle” is amazing as Dana would say. You did a great job. (And Bill didn’t even have to finish it?)