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The Zoo Crew

Front to Back: Noah, Taylor, Will, Ellie Kate, Javen & Liam (photo by Diane)

This morning Will and I met some friends at the Nashville Zoo. It was so much fun! Will had a really great time with some of his favorite and some new friends. This was Will’s second trip to the zoo but the first one that he could really enjoy it. I think he was only 8 months old the first time I took him.

Will really enjoyed the petting zoo area – here he’s petting a goat.

Will, Javen & Taylor looking at the alpaca.

A camel looking at Will. The camels would lick the kids hands – and one bit my arm :)

Ellie Kate wanted to get down with the big kids.

Will taking a break near the elephants.

I think Javen thought Will was part of the petting zoo :)

Will holding an ostrich egg.

Taylor was really excited to hold the egg.

Will near the African lion pelt. When he went to touch it the zoo worker growled and Will jumped back squealing with delight!

Javen and Will looking at the jaguars.

Will pointing at the silly monkeys.

Will and Javen holding hands and running to the next exhibit.

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2 Responses to “The Zoo Crew”

  1. Nonny says:

    What great fun! Precious pictures!

  2. honey says:

    I agree. That looks like so much fun!! I am glad you have good friends to share fun times with!