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Green with Envy (A Giveaway)

Have you heard of the Silhouette machine? No? Well, it is like a Cricut. And if you know me I have wanted a Cricut since they came out but wasn’t willing to invest in one. Then, my sister got one for Christmas last year and I just about turned green with envy :) But she’s nice and lets me use it sometimes. The biggest drawback to the Cricut for me is the expensive cartridges! They run $80 a piece but you can often find them on sale for $40. But seriously, I don’t regularly dole out $40 for anything!

Then a couple of months ago I was introduced to something wonderful, the Silhouette machine. It is a cutting machine just like the Cricut but you don’t have to use cartridges! It hooks up to your computer and you can create your own designs, use any font on your computer or buy downloads from their website for about $1.

The folks over at Grosgrain are giving away a Silhouette machine to one lucky reader! You can CLICK HERE to enter. I am “earning” an extra entry by posting this about their giveaway. So, even if you are not one iota interested in owning a Silhouette machine you should go over, comment, win and then give it to me :) The giveaway ends tomorrow!

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3 Responses to “Green with Envy (A Giveaway)”

  1. Karen says:

    Cricut is coming out with a new machine. It will be previewed on one of the shopping networks mid-September. Now I have the fever for one of those. I have the Cricut Expressions and most of the work done on it is for your dear sister-in-law!! I have found some websites where you can buy 1/get 1 on some of the cartridges. I also found a cartridge (yes it was new) for $5.00 on the web last week. I really hope you win!!!!