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Weekend Update

We are having a lazy Monday morning around here today! We had a very busy weekend full of parties. Then I had a horrible dream all night last night that didn’t leave me feeling very rested. So Will and I hanging out on the couch me blogging and him watching Dinosaur Train. And we might be eating tortilla chips as a morning snack.

On Friday night we went to Diane’s house for a going away party for her sister, Heather. Heather moved back to Maryland on Saturday so a few of us got together to say goodbye, eat delicious snacks, and the plan was to play games. Once we got there we all realized that game playing was probably not going to happen since there were 5 kids there 4 and under :) I think the game playing commenced after bedtime! Will had a great time with his friends Javen, Liam, Aubrey and Brody running around like crazy kids.

On Saturday afternoon we went to Ellie Kate’s 1st birthday party. It was a joint birthday with her dad, Josh for his 30th. The theme was Dr. Seuss’ Thing 1 and Thing 2 and it was SO cute! Complete with green eggs and ham :)

We finished the weekend with a Freshman/Senior Swim Party. It was fun to see my new Sunday school girls outside of class and I think they had a really good time. Will certainly had a good time – he even jumped off the diving board!

While we were at Ellie Kate’s birthday party on Saturday, Bill stayed home and worked on the playroom. He made a lot of progress – it actually looks like a real room now. He only had a little more framing to do then it’s on to sheetrock! Will and I are getting so excited. We haven’t decided what kind of floor to put down yet. I think it would be really neat to have cork flooring but it’s a little pricey so that might not be an option.

Right side of the room.

Will loves “helping.” Here Bill is showing him how to hammer a nail.

Will is a fast learner.

Then Will learned how to pry the nail out.

I told Will he could probably get a summer job at Fine Homes, Inc. And I think he liked that idea!

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One Response to “Weekend Update”

  1. Honey says:

    I think Papa would hire him in a heart beat!