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Hot! Hot! Hot!

Just when you think it can’t get any hotter outside, it does! Whew! I can hardly stand this heat. This morning we went out to play before 9 and it was already 90+ degrees. I have been on a little “kick” lately to freshen up my house a bit and my first project was to spray paint a couple of candle holders. I forgot to take a “before” picture but they were black.

This is my “halfway done” picture. I spray painted them white and next I am going to distress some of the edges. Believe it or not, this is the first time I’ve used spray paint! I was ridiculously nervous but I think they turned out pretty good.

While I was spray painting (and carefully avoiding breathing in too many fumes) Will was playing with his basketball and golf club. And I could NOT get him to even glance at the camera, silly boy. And yes, he didn’t have any clothes on. We’re classy that way – and I mentioned how hot it was.

I then thought it would be a good idea to go to a few thrift stores. Ha, ha, ha! It was not a good idea! It got so unbearably hot that Will and I were both sweating, I got a headache and Will was generally cranky. We made it to 1 store. But we went to a Goodwill Outlet. What? You’ve never heard of a Goodwill outlet? I hadn’t either until Bill told me about it this weekend. I didn’t know what to expect but I think I liked it. For most of their stuff – you pay by the pound. Yes, by the pound! It is not organized like a regular goodwill store so you have to dig but I found a couple of picture frames and a little rocking chair. The chair needs some TLC but I think with a good cleaning and some new paint it will be perfect!

We were close to Bill’s work so we called him and went and ate lunch together. Will was acting like a crazy fool (as usual) and fell on the pavement. It was a big milestone – his first really skint knee! He cried and cried. And when he got done crying he continuously relived the event by having the following conversation.

Will: Mommy (or Daddy)

Us: Yes, Will?

Will: Down! (while emphatically pointing towards the grown)

Us: You fell down?

Will: Boo! Boo! (while pointing at his knee and generally looking ready to burst into tears)

Us: You got a boo boo? I’m sorry!

This is the best picture I could get of the boo boo. It doesn’t look that bad now but it was pretty impressive when it was all dirty and bleeding!

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3 Responses to “Hot! Hot! Hot!”

  1. Nonny says:

    So sorry about the boo boo but probably the first of many. I think this heat is getting us all down. Praying for some relief soon. You all stay cool!!

  2. Sybil says:

    Sorry for the skinned knee: Poor little fellow!
    He’s such a fun little boy….Love him to pieces.
    Your paint job looks nice: Just be careful Doll.
    Don’t breathe too much of that! Try to stay cool!