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Every Post….

Every post these days seem to start with “Sorry I haven’t blogged in a while, I promise to do better!” And this one is no different! I need to get back in the habit – especially now that I have this new, spiffy, fast computer. I also need to sit down and transfer my files and install Microsoft Office. So much to do:)

Will is so fun and funny these days! He is constantly entertaining us. He really likes to “sing” and do motions to songs. We have tried repeatedly to get him on video but he starts acting like a monkey anytime the video camera comes out. His favorite songs are The Wheels on the Bus, This Little Light of Mine, and If You’re Happy and You Know It. And he is especially fond of Carrie Underwood’s “Undo It” he sings the na-na-na-na part of the song!

Will is also really into cars, trains, planes – anything that goes these days. He will literally play with his Little Tikes garage for hours. He gathers all of his toys with wheels, pushes them all down the red ramp, then he pushes them all across the top, and finally all down the blue ramp. I think that maybe his second favorite thing to do is play on our bed. He loves to get up there and act plain crazy. He jumps, he screams, he flings himself down face first and of course Bill throws him around a little. When Bill gets home from work Will meets him at the door and then immediately wants him to go and play with him on the bed.

Last night we had a Farewell/Baby Party for a sweet couple in our Sunday School class who are moving to Alabama. We are all going to miss them, for sure! I think Will thought the party was for him, though. Well, at least he provided a little entertainment. He ate – a lot (as did I, I love party food!) He fist pumped everyone at the party at least 10 times. He played outside with Samuel, Richard and the dog. He stared, enamored with Molly Cate (she’s 11 weeks old). And followed Christian and Zephan Murphy around and thought he was playing with the big kids. At one p0int, one of the Murphy boys was in time out and had to sit on the steps. Well, Will was fascinated with him and was standing there staring at him until I noticed and made him move. Later on, I didn’t see Will anywhere and I found him sitting on the same exact step! I guess he thought time out looked fun :)

Today we are headed to get the car registered (finally), finish the laundry (yuck) and straighten the house (double yuck)!

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2 Responses to “Every Post….”

  1. honey says:

    You are super busy! I just love that Will!! Can’t wait to see him again!

  2. Sybil says:

    Good to hear all about the activities. Will is such a cute thing. He’s entertaining to all and can have fun by himself. That’s good. I am anxious to hear him sing. ALways miss you guys.