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Baby Update & Busy Boy

Yesterday, I had a doctor’s appointment for the baby. And I am now officially in the 2nd trimester! (I also officially have swimmer’s ear. Ah, so that is why my ear has been hurting for weeks!) The doctor couldn’t find the baby’s heartbeat so we got to have another ultrasound :) I was secretly happy that we got to see the baby again – even though it was scary for 1/2 a second when she couldn’t find the heartbeat. Plus, Bill was there and he was able to see the baby wiggling around for the first time.

I took a picture of the ultrasound picture – not the best quality but if you look close you can see the baby.

We had a fun, relaxing day today. Bill got up with Will and let me take an afternoon nap! We laid around this morning, ate lunch at McDonald’s and perused Lowe’s for our next home improvement project. This afternoon we played, played, played. Will was such a busy boy. This morning he collected several important things in the empty clothes basket: Disney World book, toothbrush holder, thermometer case, soap dish, and hairbrush. He pushed these things around in the basket all day. While Bill was grilling dinner Will pushed the basket to the middle of the yard, dump all his “treasures” out, push the basket back to the house then turn around collect the “treasures” and then repeat.

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5 Responses to “Baby Update & Busy Boy”

  1. AbbasGirl says:

    YAY for a baby picture! I love Will’s game. Is he always so good about keeping himself entertained?!

    • Amber says:

      I am so lucky that generally Will is very good at entertaining himself! But some days all he wants is his Mommy to sit beside him while he plays – although that is not very often :)

  2. Sybil says:

    Just adorable and so good to play with a simple object as well as know how to operate the advanced toys! Well adjusted little fellow! So cute and he is loved so much!

  3. Congrats on the new baby coming!!! Will is gonna be such a good big brother.

  4. Tiffany says:

    I can already tell that Baby D #2 is a total cutie! :) And he/she will be just as sweet as Will. I love these pics of him.