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(A Wordy) Wordless Wednesday:

Do you remember where we hung out last Wednesday? This is what we were doing – family pictures! Laurel from Eilas Photography met us down in Leipers Fork and took these great pictures of our family. Love them! Here are some of my favorites:

If you’re in the market for some pictures of your family or kiddos you should consider her – you pay a one time charge (very reasonable) and then you get all of the pictures on CD so you can print as many as you want!

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10 Responses to “(A Wordy) Wordless Wednesday:”

  1. These pictures are gorgeous! Once again I don’t think Will could be ANY cuter!!! Love your bangs!

  2. nonny says:

    Great pictures!! When do I get mine:)

  3. Mimi says:

    I’m with Nonny. Bring the CD next time you come down and I will have some made.
    I won’t be in the market for having pictures made. You know I don’t like having mine done.

  4. Debbi says:

    These are fantastic! So adorable!

  5. Honey says:

    I love them…we may need to hang another wall of frames!

  6. joyce says:

    What bautiful family pictures! Thanks for visiting my blog…I’m on vacation so a little hit or miss with the reading but I’ll come back and visit again.

  7. MandyP says:

    LOVE these pics! Your little guy is beautiful! Love the wide-eyes innocence.

  8. Didi says:

    These look great! I need several to put in my living room!!!!

  9. Sybil says:

    I always love the pictures: What a sweet family: Will is just photogenic: No doubt about it!
    All are so good!

  10. Pam says:

    Beautiful pictures!