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PepperAnn has completely rejected her bed. Her lovely bed that is monogrammed with her name that she has slept on since she was a wee babe – rejected. I have a feeling this has a lot to do with it:

Will thinks it is the grandest thing to hang out on PepperAnn’s bed. Today I caught him laying there and “reading” a book! I have even washed the bedding to get rid of Will’s scent but PA still won’t go near it. Her new favorite spots to sleep are the living room couch and the rocker in Will’s room.

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4 Responses to “Rejection!”

  1. Bill Fine says:

    I love these pictures! Sorry PA…I actually did buy it for you!

  2. Matt Tipton says:

    Get used to it PA. The one who gets all Momma’s affection is the one who gets all the privilege. You don’t matter anymore. He (will) has his own room and now he has your bed. Go figure. PA, you and Bill get the shaft.

  3. haha! Poor PA! Thats how Jackson is now too- he will try to snuggle with me but if Rory starts kicking he gets up and goes and pouts. Will looks too cute on her bed though!

  4. SYBIL says:

    Solution? Maybe you’ll have to make “twin beds” for them by getting another one? Pictures are so cute!! Love that Will.. Poor PepperAnn!