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Torrential Rains & Homemade Pizza

It has been raining today. No, that is a vast understatement. We have had torrential downpours today (8-12 inches in 24 hours) – it seems like most of Nashville is flooded and there have been tornado warnings in parts of Middle Tennessee! I was so glad when Bill got home around 2 this afternoon – some roads were already flooded and he had to take several different routes to find a way home. Thank you Jesus for his protection! Say a prayer for people who are in danger – in their homes or cars (even the interstate is flooded).

This is the interstate at our exit, Bell Road. The portable building has washed away from somewhere and is floating down the interstate.

This is the best picture I could get – I wasn’t willing to get wet! Notice the gushing water behind the grill.

Since it was so nasty I decided to try to make homemade pizza (another cooking first)! Notice I had to take the pizza stone out of the box :)

Will had an appetizer of  peas and water while I made the pizza. I’ve never seen a kid so happy about peas!

Here it is about to go in the oven. My toppings were pepperonis, green peppers and black olives. I accidentally bought chopped olives instead of sliced – I think they either look like caviar or bird droppings in this picture.

Twenty minutes later we had a yummy pizza!

For some reason the edge of the pizza wouldn’t come up (easily) – I think the cheese baked over the edge sealing it to the stone.

Will and I were very happy the pizza turned out because the alternative was bologna sandwiches!

Stay safe!

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4 Responses to “Torrential Rains & Homemade Pizza”

  1. Karen says:

    I am so glad you posted because as I’ve watched out local news I knew that was your exit and was very concerned. The weather has been so weird this year! We were under a watch for a few hours but we’ve had very little rain so far. They are predicting more for us tomorrow night into Monday. Stay safe and kiss your boys for me.

  2. SYbil says:

    I’d love to have been there for the Pizza Party myself: Looks good enough to eat to me! You’re getting to be a good little cook with the experiences your embarking on lately.