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While the cat’s away…..

…………. the mice will play! Bill is at Secret Church so Will and I have been partying it up tonight. We started our evening with a dinner date at Shogun – I had sushi and Will had hibachi chicken that he gladly shared with his Mommy. Then we went to 2 parties! One was for the Teller’s and was at a park in Brentwood. It was fun and Will got super dirty and maybe a black eye (we’ll see if it is black and blue in the morning). And our Sunday school class had a game night which was a lot of fun. We stayed out an hour after bedtime! This is what Will did this afternoon:

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3 Responses to “While the cat’s away…..”

  1. Bill Fine says:

    where is his clothes

  2. Joyce says:

    Course I’m going to comment…its true I guess..I’m old enough to be your mom. Seeing it in print made my stomach lurch just a little. My oldest is just a few years younger than you…she has a blog too-

    Thanks for visiting…your little guy is a cutie! Such beautiful blue eyes. Have a wonderful weekend!

  3. Looks like a fun weekend with your little man!