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Books, Books & More Books

Will loves to read books. He cannot get enough of them. We literally spend at least 2 hours a day reading books. The cutest thing is that he has his favorites. He will go through his books and pick out the exact one he wants to read. Then he plops himself in our laps. And he has a long attention span – sometimes we read 15 or 20 books in a row.

This is the stack of books we read this morning. It is about 15 books and we read several of them more than 2 times!

Reading makes Will so happy!

So very happy.

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3 Responses to “Books, Books & More Books”

  1. Amanda Kyle says:

    Hey Amber! You may not remember me, but I used to teach with your mom until I had Corban, who is just a month older than Will. I am going through the same thing with Corban- he LOVES books too! Sadly, my husband and I actually hide some books because we get soooo tired of reading them OVER and OVER! But shhh..that’s our little secret haha! We also have several memorized! It is sweet though, and I hope that someday it will pay off by them loving to read themselves! By the way, Will is so cute!!

  2. Amber says:

    We hide books too Amanda :) And sometimes we just run from him screaming………. My mom said that your kiddos are so cute! She was glad she got to see you.

  3. Didi says:

    Well we know he doesn’t take after his aunt! ha! What a double chin in that picture!!! Glad we got to see you this weekend.