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Generation Z

You know how every generation has a “name” for instance Baby Boomers, Gen Y and Millennials?!?! I was wondering what Will’s generation will be called so I headed over to wikipedia – the MOST reliable source of information EVER –  and discovered that he is Generation Z which encompasses people born from the mid-90’s to 2009. So, that puts Will on the fence – he may actually identify more with Generation Alpha (those born from 2010 on). Other names for Will’s generation include Generation I, The Internet Generation and Net Generation.  Ok, all that to say that this is what Will was doing yesterday………..

Mom, this thing is playing music! This is so cool!

Rocking out to his Bible story songs :)

What? I can’t hear you- I’m listening to my ipod. What did you say? Clean my room?

(We will probably have this same exact conversation a few years down the road.)

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4 Responses to “Generation Z”

  1. Diane says:

    Javen just came over to the computer and said “It’s Will!!!”
    We should play again soon. I see more hugs in their future. :)

  2. Shannon says:

    My daughter was born July 2009 and like you think she’d identify better with the Gen Alpha…I’m sure she’ll be very into technology. Already loves remotes, tv, phones, and practically everything electronic! Have a good day, looking forward to reading more.

  3. Bill Fine says:

    He really needs his own iphone!