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Dishin’ It

I am taking a break from Wordless Wednesday to participate in Dishin’ It!  hosted by Amanda at Serenity Now. Fun!


This month’s topic is all about your blog! Maybe I’ll find some more new blogs to read – as if I don’t have enough. I posted the blogs of people I know yesterday and next week I am going to post the bloggers I wish I knew :) The list may be embarrassingly long.

Anyways, here is all about The Dixon Dialogue.

I started blogging in 2007 when I found out that I was accepted to graduate school and would be moving from Nashville, TN to New York City. My blog had the clever (I think) title of “Tiny Worm, Big Apple.” I was a sporadic blogger because grad school was demanding and I had better things to do like live in New York City!

In February 2008 we found out that we were expecting this little stinker, Will.

We thought a cute way to tell our family and friends that we were expecting would be to set up a blog appropriately titled, Baby Dixon. When our family and friends went to the like it said “Under Construction: Coming this Fall.” For a while, I maintained both blogs because then my life really could be separated into two distinct categories – oh, how things change! Not to mention we moved back to Tennessee so Tiny Worm, Big Apple did not fit anymore.

A few months ago we decide that Baby Dixon did not accurately describe where we are in life anymore so we did a blog overhaul! I’m glad our marriage survived, ha! My husband is the web guru and I am the opinionated one so we make a good team. Our end result is this – The Dixon Dialogue.

What do I blog about? Mostly Will because he is so cute and funny! And in general just our everyday life – the good, the bad and the messy. I do book reviews for BookSneeze (free books! Go sign up!)  I also try to convey what the Lord is teaching me although I am not very good about being vulnerable. I have recently signed up to be a Compassion blogger so I post information and updates about Compassion every so often. I am very passionate about social justice issues (comes with the territory of being a social worker) although I don’t blog about it often. (Goal: Blog more about social justice)

What else? What else? If I got to choose one famous person to follow my blog it would be Jennifer Garner. I really do think we would be good friends if we ever got to meet! My second choice would be Brian Williams because I just love him and think he is SO funny. I may or may not have stalked him when we lived in NYC.

Why do I blog? It keeps me sane :) It’s a great outlet and it helps me feel like I am not all alone out here in “mommy world.”

I am looking forward to reading all about everyone else’s blogs. Yay!

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18 Responses to “Dishin’ It”

  1. Nadir@hodgepodge says:

    Hi, I’m visiting from Amanda’s party what an adorable little one you have. :-) My mom is a social worker so I hear lots about that too. It was nice reading about you, take care!

  2. Nancy says:

    I’m stopping by from Amanda’s party. It was great reading about how you came to blog, your blog titles, etc. Very interesting! Glad you joined the party!


  3. Amber!! I know I’ve stopped by before, but this post really helped me to find out more about you. :) I LOVE the “Tiny Worm, Big Apple” post…I love NYC. Will have to email you next time I need ideas for what to do there.

    Thank you for posting the links to the book site and also the idea about blogging for Compassion! I hadn’t ever thought of doing that. Very cool!!

    Thanks so much for coming to join the party and link up. :) Hope you’re having fun “mingling.” :)

  4. I worked in Social services too. Notice, I do not say I was a social worker! (I read that post…and I will say, I never did call myself a social worker.) Never got my degree, but I ran a supported living program for adults with disablities. Loved it. Would have gotten my degree, but got pregnant instead.

    I am visiting from Amanda’s party . It’s so nice to meet you!

  5. Pam Fitz says:

    Oh, yes. Mommy world can be a strangely lonely place sometimes! There are always people around, even people we love, but not necessarily people who get what we’re going through or can listen the way we need them to. I love blogland for that!

    Nice to meet you through dishing it!

  6. jenjen says:

    I love Jennifer Garner too! What a fun blog you have. It was fun reading your answers!


  7. April E. says:

    Great to meet you!!! I love your layout! So clean and nice! Over from the party!

  8. Amber says:

    Amber, fun to get to know you better! Your blog looks really fun! I’ll have to come back and visit.

  9. Richella says:

    I’m here from Amanda’s party, and I’m so glad to meet you!

    I loved the story of “Little Worm, Big Apple.” But as a native Tennesseean, I’m thinking you must be glad to be back in the South now that you have your little Will.

    My own firstborn is named Will. . . it’s a great name for great boys, I think. He was born in Nashville, although we moved away when he was just a babe.

    So nice to connect with you!

    • Amber Dixon says:

      We loved NYC and I think we would move back there in a heartbeat :) But we would have to live near Central Park since Will loves being outside so much!

  10. Ashley says:

    Glad to find a new blogger mommy!!

  11. Holly says:

    Nice to meet you. We are in north AL about 30 minutes from Tennessee. Love to ride up in the mountains, or shop, whatever.

  12. Erin says:

    I love how you told your family you were expecting. What a great idea!

  13. Mimi says:

    Amber, you are blogging with a bunch of Party Animals. (But they all sound pretty nice) This is the first time I’ve checked your blog all week. I love ya tho.

  14. Dawn says:

    Stopping by from Amanda’s party-nice to meet you. Love the colors of your blog-your title for your first blog is great too-little worm big apple-great idea!! Blogging definitely helps me feel like I’m not all alone in “mommy world”-so agree with you! Your little boy is adorable-so cute.