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Blog Roll: Bloggers I Know

Do you keep up with a bunch of blogs? I do! I thought it would be fun to list all the blogs that are in my NetVibes. I have 3 different categories for different types of blogs :) So, I’ll start with a list of bloggers that I know. It’s fun to keep up with these folks through their blogs.

Bloggers I Know:

Abbas Girl & The Family

The McAtee Family

A Little McD

Life with the Lackey’s

Cleared for Takeoff

The Harris Life


Sholes Synopsis



Manhattan Mom

A Blessed Girl

There are a couple of other people I know who blog but I didn’t list their blog if they hadn’t updated it in over a month. I guess I’m a blog snob :) And Mom, feel free to comment on any blog you want to. They won’t think you’re a stalker – most bloggers ENJOY getting comments!

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3 Responses to “Blog Roll: Bloggers I Know”

  1. Diane says:

    I love it when my friend’s Mom’s comment on my blog! At this point in life, it’s been a fun way for me to “meet” my friends parents. It’s not like we can all go over to each other’s houses to hang out after school anymore. :)

  2. Bill Fine says:

    Now you’ve told everyone that I am a stalker. Honestly, I am uplifted by the testimonies of such godly, young women.

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