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Spring Break: 2010

I will use any excuse to continue having “spring break!” It really helps that my Mom and sister are both teachers and I can use their break as an excuse. Bill asked me a few weeks ago “Amber, on what planet do you still have spring break?!?” I quickly replied that I “homeschool” Will¬† and even homeschoolers get a spring break!

Last Monday and Tuesday we (me, Will, Honey & Dana) loaded up and went to Atlanta. We went to shop and eat! We shopped at IKEA, Atlantic Station and the outlets in Dawsonville. Monday night we picked up my cousin Kalah, from Kennesaw State University, and ate a HUMONGOUS dinner at Maggiano’s. It was SO yummy! Kalah took back 6 (at least) boxes of left over food. After dinner we went swimming in the hotel hot tub! The pool was chilly and the hot tub was a little warmer but not too hot.

Unfortunately most of the pictures from Atlanta are not on my camera! I will have to get them the next time we’re in Chattanooga. This is the one picture I do have – does anyone think that Will with his blue eyes and blond hair favors Dana?!?!

On Wednesday we had a relaxing day hanging out at my parents house.¬† My Dad took Will to breakfast at Cracker Barrel and to “work” for a few hours. I am pretty sure “work” could be defined as taking Will to see everybody my Dad knows! Those two are obsessed with each other. Wednesday afternoon we played outside since it has been so beautiful lately.

Will “helped” Honey with the water hose while she tended to her rose bushes.

Will going for a ride in the Radio Flyer.

Will “helped” Papa plow up his garden.

Will spent Thursday and Friday at my parents house too! I went BACK to Atlanta with our church’s youth group for a fun filled day of Six Flags :) Now, we’re back to reality and deprogramming adjusting to being back at home!

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