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Easter Sunday

On Easter Sunday we went to church with Bill’s family at the church we grew up at. I think it’s fun to see everyone dressed up and usually matching or coordinated! Will, of course, could not keep his new outfit spiffy – he had a major blowout not 15 minutes into the service and I got paged. I was afraid that he might be getting sick and did not want him to infect the other kiddos so we roamed the halls and played outside. While exploring outside we found a couple of beautiful trees in bloom and I thought it was the perfect spot for some family pictures (much to chagrin of the rest of the Dixon family, I’m sure.) Enjoy!

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2 Responses to “Easter Sunday”

  1. Love the pictures and I thought your little guy’s outfit was sooo cute! Nice family photo, too!

  2. Didi says:

    Is there a reason you take a bunch of pictures with Bill’s side of the family and none with ours!!! :-) Jk Will looked cute!