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Easter Egg Hunts Galore

Today was full of Easter egg hunts! But the festivities really began yesterday morning. Before leaving for Chattanooga we gave Will an Easter basket full of goodies – a few new books and some animal crackers. He was a big fan of the new books!

This morning we went to an egg hunt at the Stansell’s house. Carey was my best friend growing up and it a lot of fun to see our 2 boys playing together now! We took the morning as opportunity to teach them both about sharing….. maybe they’ll understand the concept by next Easter :) There were 3 boys there for the egg hunt and they were so cute. Andrew was a pro! He would pick up an egg, eat the candy out of it and put it in his basket. Micah ran all over the yard – looking for balls and other fun stuff to get into. Will would pick up an egg and put it in his basket if I was holding it but soon got distracted by the tractor.

Tonight the Dixon family got together and of course there were more Easter goodies and more egg hunting! Aubrey raced around the yard finding “a million” eggs and Will grabbed up a few too. Then the cousins got to enjoy playing outside together for a little while.

We made over 70 pictures and I wanted to upload them all! But, I thought that might be a bit much so here are about 30 of my favorites :)

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