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Tim McGraw

Tonight we headed out to Barnes & Noble at Opry Mills Mall for the Tim McGraw book signing. I have been looking forward to this for a week!! First things first – we had to buy his new book. Will and I got to B&N about 10:30 am and only had to wait in line about 30 minutes to buy the book. Yay! Each person could get 2 books signed so I got one for me and one for my sister, Dana.

“Love Your Heart” By Tim McGraw & Tom Douglas

The actual book signing was from 6-8 pm so we headed back out to Opry Mills when Bill got home from work. We got there a few minutes early and they had already started lining up. I was so excited – this was my first “high profile” book signing. A few years ago Bill went to Al Gore’s book signing at Green Hills.

Will and I getting excited for the book signing! The stage is behind us.

I got in line while Bill entertained Will out in the crowd. Thank you Bill! When Tim McGraw walked in everyone started screaming :) These two girls near me where hysterical – I thought they might faint! They even had on Tim McGraw t-shirts. When Tim & Tom first came out they did a short interview with the news cameras and then got busy signing books!

Tim & Tom posing for the cameras.

Finally our turn!

Both Tim McGraw and Tom Douglas were nice and friendly. Tim waved and said “Hey Buddy” to Will and Will reciprocated by blowing him a kiss. So cute!

Our signed copy :)

“Love Your Heart” is a cute book and the second book co-authored by Tim McGraw. It is perfect for daddy’s to read to their little girls. Or it’s perfect if you’re just a fan of children’s books of the signed variety :)

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  1. Bill Fine says:

    Tim McGraw is so lucky!!!