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Things That Will Can Do………..

1. Open Doors. His favorite door to open is the pantry and then he points at the goldfish crackers and yells repeatedly “Feesh, Feesh, Feesh.” He also enjoys closing himself in the bathrooms and then banging on the door until we come and “find” him.

2. Walk up and down the steps. Yes, WALK. This scares the begeezus out of his mother. He holds on to the wall or spindles and simply walks UP and DOWN all by himself.

3. Catch a ball. It is so cute! We toss him is big blue ball and he catches it – it is quite impressive.

4. Use a fork & spoon. Again, I am quite impressed with this skill. He loves using silverware and he is not too terribly messy. He actually does get most food in his mouth.

5. Play the piano. Ok, not really! But, he can get up on the piano bench and down all by himself. It startled me the other day when I was in the bedroom and all of a sudden I heard someone playing the piano. I peeked in the living room and it was Will – he was so proud of himself.

We have a busy day today full of Easter fun! Have a great Saturday!

Will and Jonathan

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2 Responses to “Things That Will Can Do………..”

  1. Bill Fine says:

    Please have him tested for gifted!!!!!!!!!!