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Egg Hunt & Other Fun

We had a fun filled Saturday! Our day started off with a character breakfast and  egg hunt at Concord Community Church. The breakfast was very yummy – pancakes, bacon & muffins!

Will thoroughly enjoyed an entire pancake.

I was curious as to what “characters” would show up for the breakfast – I was hoping for Jesus. Much to our surprise is was Mickey, Minnie, Goofy and Donald. It was kinda weird. We didn’t stand in line to get a picture with them but Will had fun looking at them and blowing them kisses. Next up was the Easter Bunny. (Let me tell you this costume was SCARY. Check out the tongue.)

Will was not afraid of the bunny but he didn’t seem to thrilled to be sitting in his lap!

Will’s tummy was full, he saw the Easter Bunny and heard the Easter story – he is ready to hunt some eggs!

Side Note: I got bangs yesterday!

This afternoon we got the bikes out of the garage since it was such a beautiful day. It was a lot of fun to ride through the neighborhood and Will loved it. I am sure we will both be super sore tomorrow as we hadn’t ridden our bikes since college.We finished the night by having a frozen yogurt concoction from Sweet CeCe’s.

Were you able to get out and enjoy the beautiful weather?

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4 Responses to “Egg Hunt & Other Fun”

  1. Bill Fine says:

    It looks like so much fun! The characters were a little out of character! Your bangs look cute!

  2. Nonny says:

    I worked an 11 and 1/2 hour shift at the hospital so by the time I got home I was ready for bed. I did get to see some sunshine though. Be very thankful that you have your weekends off. I am so looking forward to that day. Can’t wait for retirement! Will looks so cute. Glad you had fun. Interesting Easter Bunny:)

  3. Mimi says:

    I love the little blue cap. He’s precious in it. Two days were beautiful and me and Lucy went for a good walk but the last few days has been rainy and cold.
    By the way, I like the bangs. Now you look like AMBER. LUV YA

  4. Sybil says:

    What a nice day:Fun and food: Love the look for Will! Our adorable little fellow! We did have some outside time too. Beautiful! I also like the bangs! Did Will like his hat or try to take it off? I love it!