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Imagination Station

Last Friday we all (me, Mommy, Daddy, Papa & Honey) loaded up and went to the Imagination Station in Collegedale. It was such a pretty day and I was really excited about playing on the playground. They even have a train you can go through.

I had so much fun climbing, sliding and digging in the sand – even Papa went down the slide! After we played for a little while we had a delicious picnic lunch that Honey packed. I ate crackers, chicken salad, cucumbers and carrots – yum!

After lunch we went for a walk at the Greenway. I thought that part was boring so I took a little nap :)

It was such a fun day. I LOVE being outside – just ask my Mommy she’ll tell you that I pitch a fit whenever I have to go back inside. I can’t wait for spring! Check out our pictures from the Imagination Station

P.S. Mom just realized that there is a song playing on the slideshow – she has no idea how that happened! She also hopes the song isn’t offensive since she isn’t familiar with it and her computer does not have sound :)

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5 Responses to “Imagination Station”

  1. Sybil says:

    I love this! Such a neat place to play. Isn’t it funny how a little child can bring out the “kid” in us as well. Will is always such a doll!

  2. Bill Fine says:

    Boy, that was fun!!!

  3. Tiffany Harris says:

    Will, you are such a good story teller! I’m glad you had so much fun! Tell your mommy that she’s right with the song… Love is like a battlefield. Actually I think your mommy is telling you that so you will never have a girlfriend! :)

  4. MandyP says:

    First of all, I LOVE the name Greyson! Happy Birthday to him! Time flies, doesn’t it?

    I love the days when we can do fun things like go to the park or let them play. It’s a little harder for me to do that with 4, but when when we do, it’s amazing to watch their little eyes light up while they have fun.

    What a sweet video. No, I didn’t find the song offensive. =)

    This is a sweet blog. I like your template. I’ll be back!


    • Amber Dixon says:

      Thanks for stopping by Mandy! Isn’t Greyson cute? He’s my nephew. He and my son are only about 5 months apart so they’re a lot of fun!