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Self Discipline

A friend and I have had several conversations about self discipline lately. It’s convicting because I am lazy. Really lazy. I have been better lately at keeping my house picked up and semi-clean. That has been nice because now when we get a phone call that someone wants to look at the house I just have to dust and vacuum instead of put away everything that we own AND clean every nook and cranny. (By the way, someone is coming to look at 3:30 today!)

But the mornings is when I am really bad! I hate getting out of bed – sometimes I just lay in bed after getting Will out of bed and let him play in the living room while drinking his milk. I am a bad mother! I am also bad at disciplining my body – food and exercise. But lately I have been cooking more at home and am really enjoying it. (Note: We never ate out a lot but I didn’t cook good things at home either. We had Shake N Bake every week! Don’t get me wrong I like Shake N Bake chicken but not every week!) I also got a new exercise DVD that I really enjoyed the first day. I was too sore to do Day 2 yesterday but am going to tackle it today.

So, am I just beating myself up about being a “better person” or is there something more profound about self-discipline. I believe there is something profound and spiritual to being self-disciplined. One, we are examples to our children. Especially examples of Christ likeness. Scary! Also, as my friend pointed out, self control is one of the fruits of the Spirit. And self control is not just NOT doing things you shouldn’t do but also DOING things you should do.

Christ has not set an example to His children of laziness and self indulgence – and neither should we. Convicting.

I guess I won’t make Will fold the laundry anymore. He is not very good at it – the clothes always look really wrinkled!

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7 Responses to “Self Discipline”

  1. Bill Fine says:

    amber will is getting so big time for sis or brother

  2. Sybil says:

    Will is just a darling! You bring all the family so much joy writing your days thoughts and activities for all of us! Love it!!

  3. Bill Fine says:

    I have been thinking about the legacy one leaves…we do not automatically leave a legacy when we die…we build it while we are living…what is important to you will one day be important to your children. (That Bill Fine is soooo profound!)

  4. Mimi says:

    That Fine guy is really profound. Sounds like he got his smart wife to write that one. Ha
    I don’t think I’m lazy, there’s just a lot of days I do a lot and don’t feel like I get anything accomplished. I can discipline myself about the eating but NOT the exericise. I hate
    it but it does make you feel better. I have some exercise tapes that I don’t think I’ve ever watched. CONVICTED!! I think I will.

    • Didi says:

      Notice she said she’s going to watch- not actually do the workout!! haha Sounds like a plan to me! Can I come?

  5. becky mason says:

    Great post- thanks for sharing!

    Fun to catch up on your blog. It looks awesome and you’re doing a great job! Hope the three of you are all doing well. Will is just as cute as ever!!!