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Handsome Dude

I thought Will looked so cute yesterday for church! Check out that hoodie and button up – such a handsome dude!

Yesterday, it was absolutely beautiful outside! We spent some time playing outside and we also went to the mall to try to find Will an Easter outfit. I ended up buying 2! But, I am returning one. I REALLY, REALLY wanted Will to wear something precious for one last year but it is really hard to find something precious in size 18 months. :( Except at StrasburgĀ  and I am NOT paying $76 for anything (their clearnce was $56!) I think that is more than I have spent for ALL of Will’s summer clothes.

Will wore short sleeves since it was so nice and warm outside! Thanks Nonny & PawPaw for the tractor outfit.

I got him out of the car to get a cute picture – can you tell how pleased he was with that decision?

At leastĀ  the outfit is still cute even if Will is acting “ugly”!

At the mall, I did find this sailor outfit that I thought was really cute and would work for Easter. I bought it but made sure I could take it back if it didn’t fit or if it was too sissy! Well, it was too big and I thought it was too sissy. Boo. But, I did take some pictures of him in it. For some reason, this picture reminds me of a really old baby picture.

After I bought the sailor outfit I discovered a new store at the mall, Crazy 8. Ok, I think it is my new favorite store! It is a part of Gymboree (like Banana, GAP & Old Navy) but its prices are lower. I bought another Easter outfit there – but I had to order the shirt and hat. The shorts I got are really cute but when I tried them on Will they were too big. So, I guess I will be swinging by tomorrow to exchange them.

These are the shorts and the cap is the same print. I got a white polo shirt for him to wear with it. It will be so cute. at least I think so!

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3 Responses to “Handsome Dude”

  1. Diane says:

    I just found that store too, and I LOVE it! Will is SO cute no matter what he wears though!

  2. Bill Fine says:

    I love Diane! The tractor vest is really cute! He looks precious in the sailor suit but Papa says too sissy!

  3. Sybil says:

    Will looks great in anything he wears! Can’t wait to see what he will model for all of us!!