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Of All The Days………

……. to forget my camera! This morning Will and I met his friends Javen & Liam at the Brentwood Library for story time. This is seriously the coolest library I have ever seen – at least the kids section! They have a talking owl, trees, a fire station and a train track among many other things. Well, the boys made it through song time and when the story started they lost interest rapidly. And then Liam got hungry. So, story time was more like “let your kids run wild through the library looking at all the cool things while baby is eating” time! But it was fun :)And I didn’t have my camera so I don’t have any pictures of the little cuties.

After story time Will and I headed off to get the oil changed in the Honda. I first stopped at Jiffy Lube because they weren’t busy and I thought it would be wonderful if I only had to wait 20 minutes or so. So, I pulled up and he began explaining their “signature” package that cost $40.00. I then politely asked what their “basic” package price was – he said that didn’t exist. I said, “Ok, thank you but I’ll pass.” Seriously, they didn’t have anything under $40?!?!

So, I went to American Tires in Cool Springs where I have gone several times before – I love their service but usually have a long wait because they are always SO busy. I usually have a coupon for an oil change there too but I couldn’t find one this morning. As usual, there service was exceptional! I got my oil changed in under 30 minutes and they even gave me the current coupon price (20!)  since I had driven from Antioch. Yay! While we waited another mom came in with her 4 kids – ages 2 to 10. They were so well behaved and very nice to Will. The little girl read him his “Wheels on the Bus” book, and the 2 year old shared his toy cars and legos. They were all so cute playing together. Again, I wish I had my camera!

We took a quick lunch break – at where else?!?! Taco Bell. Then headed to Target to get some diapers for our upcoming trip and few baby snacks. I had found a couple of Target giftcards in a drawer and I asked how much was on them at customer service before shopping. The answer? $55 – whahoo! I don’t know how long I have had these – I have had one at least 15 months because it was a “New Baby” design :)

Anyways, it was only about 12:45 and Will usually naps at 2:00. I was perusing the aisles and the next thing I know Will is fast asleep with his arm propping him up against the buggy! He looked so adorable but I felt like a bad Mom since everyone probably thought I was out shopping instead of letting him take a nap. Oh well! Once again, so cute but I didn’t have my camera.

Did I mention that I baked a cake this morning before story time? No? Well, I did – a strawberry one from a box. We are having dinner with Abbas Girl & The Gent tonight and my responsibility is dessert. So, this afternoon while Will has been doing this……..

I have been making this………

I made some cream cheese frosting that is so yummy! And then {finally} used the cake decorating things I got for Christmas and from my Mimi. This was my attempt at a basket weave on top – I was afraid I didn’t have enough icing so it is a spaced out basket weave :) Pretty good for my first attempt, if I do say so myself. Reminder to myself for next time: make sure the icing is not so thin. Notice, my piping around the bottom just pooled in the plate.

Wow! This was a long post – we had a busy day! Hope you had a fun day too!

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8 Responses to “Of All The Days………”

  1. Bill Fine says:

    Honey and Papa ate at Taco Bell today too! Your cake looks delicious!

  2. AbbasGirl says:

    Your cake was scrumptious! Thanks!

  3. Sybil says:

    What a busy and fun day! Your cake looks very good: Taste good too I know!

  4. Nonny says:

    What a busy day you and Will had. Got lots accomplished and had some fun too. That cake looks great and I bet it was DELICIOUS!! Feel free to bake me one anytime you would like to:)

  5. Heather says:

    I get my oil changed at the Honda dealership across from Williamson Medical Center. They are super nice and it only costs $20. Plus they’ll wash your car for free if you ask!

  6. Mimi says:

    You did a good job on your cake. I wish I had a bite of it.

  7. Hello, I also like the Toy Story movies, super animation!