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Will the Mechanic

Wasn’t the weather today just beautiful!! It made us SO happy – I could get use to warm temps and sunshine :) I’m also glad it was pretty since PaPa drove up to fix the station wagon. Will was such a good helper – so I’ll let him tell the story.

First, we had to jack up the car. It was funny to see the car up in the air like that – it was even funnier to see PaPa laying under it.

Next, we had to figure out what was wrong with it. I told PaPa it was something with the brakes. PaPa said it was something with the rear wheel cylinder (or something technical like that). So, we had to run to the parts store to get the part.

While PaPa was fixing the brakes I got bored and had to take a break from brakes. Mommy let me play in the front yard, “blow out” the neighbor’s yard lights, and walk up and down the sidewalk.

Then all the men had to clean and sand some part of the wheel. It looked really cool!

I REALLY wanted to help but PaPa said it would make my hands too dirty. Look how dirty PaPa’s hands are! I would have REALLY liked to get that dirty.

Finally, we had to pump the brakes. I couldn’t reach them so Daddy had to do that part. Yay! The car is fixed. We celebrated by eating some yummy bar-b-que. I stuffed so much in my mouth that I started gagging :) It was such a fun day!

So, yes our car is now back to perfection. It is amazing how fast we got use to having 2 cars and how inconvenient it felt to have to take Bill to work on Wednesday morning (even though we shared a car for 1.5 years)! So, thank you PaPa for coming up and fixing our car!

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5 Responses to “Will the Mechanic”

  1. Honey says:

    I am not sure who is more amazing Will or Papa!

  2. Nonny says:

    I have a feeling by the time Will is grown, he is going to learn how to fix lots of things by watching his Daddy, his Papa, his PawPaw, his Grandaddy Bill and his PawPaw George. Lucky little fellow!!

  3. Sybil says:

    I think Will is having a wonderful experience getting lots of work ideas. Wonder which field he’ll become “Master” of as he grows? All of them!! He’s a smart little man!

  4. Didi says:

    I think he’s a little to attached to his Papa…. I’m just saying! When you take him inside to get an old towel and he stands there screaming Papa Papa Papa that’s ridiculous! ha

  5. Mimi says:

    I wonder if Papa hadn’t done something to the car before it left here just so he could go up to see Will? AND I think Didi is a little jealous.ha