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Weekend Recap

This weekend I did ALOT of eating and sleeping. Oh, it was so glorious!

Friday night we ate at J. Alexander’s on West End. It was very nice and relaxing. We had a leisurely 1.5 hour dinner and didn’t even realize it! We had so much food – chips, salsa, spinach queso, salad, ribs, & fries. We shared an appetizer and entree and still had enough left over for lunch on Sunday. After dinner we walked around the Mall at Green Hills where I thought we should buy some chocolate covered strawberries at Godiva. Then I came to my senses and went to Wal-Mart and bought strawberries, pineapple and chocolate instead!

We’re so classy – Bill is microwaving our chocolate!

I had Bill take my picture before we went out Friday night! It’s not the best picture but notice that I DON’T have on jeans, I DO have my hair fixed, I AM carrying a purse, and I DO have on heels :) Impressive.

On Saturday we mostly slept! We didn’t make it to breakfast at the Pancake Pantry until noon – and we still had to wait in line for an hour. And yes, this is what the chocolate chip pancakes look like! Yummy!

After breakfast we took a nap! I told you all we did was eat and sleep. Then we had dinner with the Metcalf’s and played the Wii. It was a fun night!

On Sunday we went to church, napped(!), and then had a special Valentine’s Day dinner. We had herb stuffed chicken, green beans, rice, salad & cresent rolls. And, drum roll please, we used our fine china for the very first time!! It was fun!

Please don’t notice that we are drinking Dr. Pepper and Mtn. Dew out of our stemware!

Today we woke up with MORE snow! I am tired of snow this winter – it is fun once and exciting twice but this is getting ridiculous. This afternoon, Will came home. We missed him so much! But it was nice to have a weekend to ourselves. And PepperAnn enjoyed a little undivided attention :)

Who wants to take Will next weekend?

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2 Responses to “Weekend Recap”

  1. Didi says:

    Love it! I’m ready for sunshine! After being in about 4 feet of snow I’m tire of it! ha

  2. Honey says:

    Ha! Ha! Didi said tire instead of tired! I am glad you have a relaxing weekend. Papa already offered to take Will next weekend!!