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Friday Four: Ways to Organize Photographs

In the past I have been horrible about taking pictures – in college I went to NYC for a week and cam back with maybe 2 pictures!! But for some reason this past year I have been taking a lot of pictures. :) So, I needed to come up with a different way to organize them beause throwing them in a photo box was not working anymore. Plus, you can’t really enjoy looking at them when they’re in that state of disorganization.

I got 6 photo albums (hold 200 pictures each) for Christmas and I already have all of them full! And I still have more pictures – but I’m waiting for the albums to go on sale at Michaels. So here are some ways to organize your photos.

1. Photo Albums – Really this ideas is the oldest one there is but it is what I am doing to organize all my pictures. I am keeping out the pictures that I want to use in the scrapbook and filing away the rest. I got the idea from the girls over at Blonde Designs Blog and their post on photo albums. The albums they use are gorgeous but also cost $35! So, I am using pretty ones from Michael’s that cost about $10.

2. CD’s – Another relatively easy way to organize your pictures is to upload them onto your computer and then save them on a CD. In February’s Real Simple issue there was a picture of a woman who uses CD’s to organize her pictures and it was amazing. I tried to find the picture of her and her CD’s online but I couldn’t.

3. Computer – I also save all of my pictures on my computer so I will have a digital copy. I organize them by month and year. I use to try to have all of them categoriez by event but that was too overwhelming. Just be sure to that this is not the only place you have your pictures saved becuase if your computer ever gets a virus or goes bezerks you’ve lost all your pictures.

4. Flickr – Flickr is an online photo storage and management website. It is a free service that stores your photos and you can share them with other people or on your blog. It’s fairly simple to use.

So, do you have a favorite way that you organize your pictures? If so write about it on your blog and let me know using the McLinky below. Or leave a comment!

Will & Daddy playing Wii.

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One Response to “Friday Four: Ways to Organize Photographs”

  1. Honey says:

    My pictures are all saved on my camera just waiting to be printed!!!!!!!!!!

    How can I make your new blog save my name and email so I do not have to type each time I comment?