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GREEN by Ted DekKer

Green by Ted DekKer is both the first and last book in the “Circle” series. I know that is really confusing but it is true. If you have read Red, Black and White thenĀ  Green is the series finale but if you have not read Red, Black and White then Green is the perfect place to start!

Ted DekKer is a seriously gifted author – all of his books are so complex both in character and story development but also in the spiritual truth he is expressing through a fictional story. I would compare DekKer as a Frank Peretti for the next generation (actually DekKer and Peretti have co-authored a book).

Green is both the end and the beginning for Thomas Hunter and the Gathering. The series is an analogy for sin entering the world, Christ’s sacrifice and plan for redemption and the coming glory of heaven. It did not disappoint but it was not my favorite in the series (I like the other 3 much better.)

I have to admit that I instantly became a fan of the series after reading Red several years ago but it is hard to describe to others the jist of the books – you get weird stares and looks like those books sound really weird! So, if you’re adventurous in your reading and you enjoy romance, fighting and intrigue you should give the “Circle” series a try. Personally, I would start with Red and end with Green.

And if you get hooked on Ted DekKer’s writings there are many, many more novels to read. But, I’ll warn you once you start reading you won’t be able to stop. Most of his novels are connected in some way and you have to pay attention to where characters may show up again and how the stories intertwine! I’ve read most of his books several times just to catch the cross-overs! Happy Reading!!

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3 Responses to “GREEN by Ted DekKer”

  1. Honey says:

    I don’t like confusing books!

  2. Erin says:

    I love those books! I didn’t know he had come out with another for that series! Thanks for the info and I will definitely be picking it up. I’ll probably have to re-read the other three first since it’s been so long!

  3. Sybil says:

    I’m afraid I’d have a hard time reading these books: Age makes it harder for me to concentrate! I love hearing about todays writers and their works.