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Please Help Me Win!!!!!

In February there is a blogging conference at the Opryland Hotel. I had seen it advertised and thought it would be cool to go but tickets are$300!! Ridiculous! One of my FAVORITE bloggers is speaking at the conference and her blog alerted me to a contest to win a FREE conference ticket.

I NEED YOUR HELP TO WIN!!! I wrote a blog entry that is posted at the Skimbaco blog. To win, my entry must have the most comments. Please, click the link below to read my entry and leave a comment. Please, even if you have never, ever posted a comment do it today!!

I know I am begging but please, please!!! Tell all of your friends – have everyone in your family comment – it is going to take all of us for me to win :)

The contest ends January 22 – so hurry on over and leave a comment!!

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4 Responses to “Please Help Me Win!!!!!”

  1. Sharon Carmichael says:

    I am commented

  2. Bill says:

    oops! That was me commenting back to Sharon – not Bill.