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Have a Fancy Yancy Christmas

I recently jumped at the opportunity to review a new Christmas CD by the artist Yancy. Heard of her? Well, neither had I but I thought it couldn’t be too bad – I mean, it is Christmas music! I eagerly awaited for my CD to come in the mail – I love Christmas music and I love free things so what better than a free Christmas CD.

This is the CD that came in the mail – “Have a Fancy Yancy Christmas” It came just as Will and I were headed out to do a little Christmas shopping so I put it in the CD right away to enjoy. This CD was great! I caught myself singing along to the songs right away – a sure sign that it’s good.

I am no music critic so I based my review on three questions: 1. Do I like it? 2. Will I listen to it over and over? 3. Can I sing along to it? So, here goes:

1. Do I like it? Yes, I do like the songs and the performer! It’s fun to listen to as it has traditional Christmas songs but in a very upbeat and fun tempo. The closest thing in my music collection to Yancy is Aly & AJ’s Christmas CD – love them both!

2. Will I listen to it over and over? Yes! I have already listened to the CD many, many times. I think it is quickly becoming a favorite – I MUST add it to my iPod playlist soon.

3. Can I sing along to it? Yes! And the best part is that I could do this right away. There are a couple of new songs written by Yancy on the CD and I am quickly learning the words to those too!

Here is some “official” information about “Have a Fancy Yancy Christmas”:

The songs are a mixture of traditional Christmas carols and contemporary favorites, but all performed in a very fun and modern way.  Yancy penned two songs: “Merry Christmas, Happy Christmas” and “Christmastime”.  Both are sure to become staples for many Christmas’s to come. The song “The Greatest Gift” is being played at radio across the U.S.

So, a very fun CD to add to the Christmas collection. I will be enjoying it for many years to come and you should too! CLICK HERE to buy the Fancy Yancy Christmas CD. And to find out more about Yancy, her blog, her ministry and her music check it out HERE.

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